Give Thanks


Give Thanks

Workout of the Day–Thanksgiving Week

As Many Rounds as Possible:

Get extra sleep
Take a walk or hike with family or friends
Eat lots of vegetables
Watch the sunset


Give Thanks

I am overwhelmingly grateful for you, the Catacombs community. Few people are ever afforded the opportunity to wed their passion and their vocation. I can truthfully say that I get to do what I love every single day with people for whom I genuinely care. I am honored that you trust me with your fitness as it is such an integral part of health and long term quality of life. I’m humbled that I get to play a small part in helping you become better versions of yourselves.  Your stories of transformation are inspiring; your everyday victories a testament to your commitment and hard work. I can’t imagine spending my days any other way and I am honored to be your coach.

In these moments of reflection, I find myself refocused and recommitted to providing the best coaching, programming, and environment found anywhere. I care deeply for each and every one of you and commit to giving you my very best in the days and weeks to come.

With much gratitude,

Coach Tracie