Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Workout of the Day–October 19, 2015

4 Rounds for time of:
21 Wallballs 20/14
18 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
15 Pull-ups
18 V-Ups
21 Air squats



Upcoming Events

As we start out a new week complete with what feels like a new season, I wanted to to let you all in on some things we have brewing at Catacombs. Read on and mark your calendars!

Friday Night Lights–Halloween Style: Mark your calendars for Friday October 30. We will be hosting another Friday Night Lights (FNL), but with a Halloween twist. As always, the workout will be a benchmark workout sure to make you earn your treats. Workout heats will kickoff at 5, 5:30, and 6 (and 6:30 if needed). After party starts as soon as you finish your workout. Costumes are optional, but come on…it is the night before Halloween.

By popular demand, CrossFit Endurance workouts are back on the regular schedule. Monday nights at 6 PM will be an CFE style workout open to all Catacombs athletes. As we tend to bias our regular programming toward endurance athletes (runners, bikers, skiers, hikers, etc.), these workouts at times may not look that different from the regular workout of the day (WOD). Other weeks they may be a completely different workout. Signup as usual through ZP. We will go back to the drawing board with Brett and Scott and get cracking on the next Endurance Team cycle so start thinking about if that is something that might be right for you.

Pushing for the Cure: This is a fundraiser for the Mercy Breast Cancer Center hosted by the Vault on October 24th. It is a team-based competition and it would be awesome to send a few teams from Catacombs to support and represent. There are scaled options for everyone so don’t use that as your excuse. We can help organize teams if you let us know that you are interested. Sign up sheet is on the front desk. They’ve asked us to let them know by Wednesday how many teams we will be sending.  

CrossFit Total: You’ve been asking for it and now is the time. Maybe you have been around for awhile and are ready to retest and measure your progress. Maybe you are new and tired of not knowing your 1 rep maxes. Either way, the CrossFit Total is one of the best benchmarks of strength you can find. Yes, I know most of you are endurance focused and like going long rather than going heavy. I do too. Still, this is an important component of fitness and it can’t be ignored in a well-rounded program. We will schedule this over 2 days the first week of November (tentatively Nov 2 and 3) and I will lay out the plan for both days well in advance. Look for a post on this coming soon.

Workout Tracking: Several of you have commented that you are having trouble accessing your workout results through ZenPlanner. ZP went live with a major upgrade this weekend and have “some issues” surrounding workout tracking. I am in contact with them and they assure me that your info is safe and you can continue recording results. They are working on fixes to allow you to access previous data in a more efficient manner. Thanks for your patience and thanks for your diligence in recording scores.