The CrossFit Open is Upon Us and Friday Night Lights Returns


The CrossFit Open is Upon Us and Friday Night Lights Returns

Many of you have seen excerpts of the CrossFit Games on ESPN, YouTube or elsewhere online. People have vastly different impressions of the “sport of CrossFit”. Some find it inspiring and impressive, while others are turned off by the image or the staged nature of the competition. I understand the full range of emotions around the CrossFit Games and in fact, I spend a fair amount of time explaining to those outside our community that the CrossFit Games is not a fair representation of CrossFit as a tool for fitness. Still, the CrossFit Open is a fun way to measure your fitness and see how you stack up against the 200,000 other people completing the same workout. 

While the CrossFit Open is the pathway for those wanting to compete in the Games, it is so much more than that. The Open consists of five workouts over five weeks designed by CrossFit Headquarters. In years past, there were no scaled options, but workouts were designed to be accessible to many athletes far below the elite level. This year, the workouts will include a scaled option so that it will be accessible to many more athletes. At Catacombs, your coaches will provide further scaled options to make the workout accessible to every single athlete. No matter where you are in your CrossFit journey, the Open will inevitably push you to the next level and challenge you to accomplish things you did not think you were capable of.

If you are interested in competing and submitting your scores online, we will be prepared to judge and validate your workout as a participating affiliate. Make sure to register online and list Catacombs Fitness as your affiliate or we won’t be able to validate your score. Many of you have zero (or less than zero) interest in competing in the sport of CrossFit. THAT IS FINE! You are still welcome and encouraged to complete the workout and enjoy the environment that these events produce. We will program the CrossFit Open workouts on Fridays throughout the Open and will be hosting a special Friday Night LIghts version every Friday of the Open at 5 PM. Just like all our Friday Night Lights events last year, we will follow the workout with social hour and Happy Hour.

Stay tuned for more information and talk to your coaches if you are on the fence about signing up for the CrossFit Open.