Happy New Year


Happy New Year

Tom going "Back to basics" with betty on rowing technique.

Tom going “Back to basics” with betty on rowing technique.

Congratulations on making it through the holiday season. We thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed routine around jobs, school, sleep, workouts, and of course, food. But perhaps my favorite part of taking a break from the routine is getting back into it. I love the fresh energy and inspiration that come from some time away. So, get ready. We are going to hit the ground running and turn up the intensity in January. 

Goals and Resolutions

Have you committed to being better in 2015 in some area of your life? Your community would like to support you in that effort. The “Goals” board is ready to publicly display whatever it is that you’ve committed to and help you with some accountability. It doesn’t have to be a year long resolution. Some examples might include:

  • Attend 4 workouts per week for January and February
  • Spend 20 minutes on mobility every week
  • Deadlift 3000 pounds (just kidding)
  • “No Sugar” January or “No corn chip” January
  • Record workouts, times, and modifications for 3 months

Don’t be too cool for school on this one. If you aren’t confident enough to own your commitment by writing it on the board in a positive, supportive, community, like ours…the odds are not in your favor for success.

Schedule Updates and Housekeeping

Please pay attention to class sign up and make sure you are aware in the shifts in schedule starting next week. The big change is the evening classes switching to 5 PM and 6 PM. We relaxed the class size limit over the holidays, but that ends Monday. Make sure you sign up for class. Enough said.

Also, as we have new folks coming in the doors or old folks that have been gone for awhile, please remember your manners and make sure that everyone feels welcome. You guys are generally fantastic at this, but we had a lot of visitors over the holidays and I know it is sometimes easier to just talk to the familiar faces. Just remember what it was like for you when you first walked in the door. Let’s make it our mission to help them succeed.

Finally, the weather has finally turned to full-on winter. Please help us keep the gym clean and inviting for everyone by bringing an extra set of shoes for use in the gym. Feel free to leave them in a cubby or under the bench until it gets out of control.