Labor Day Schedule and Homework


Labor Day Schedule and Homework


Just a quick note on the schedule for Labor Day Weekend. There will be no Open Gym hours on Saturday and one big throwdown on Monday at 8:30. As usual, please sign up online. All other classes on Monday are cancelled. We will run a regular schedule on Friday and be back to work on Tuesday. Go hike a mountain, ride some trails, sleep late and eat healthy food. While you are at it, log into FDHQ and sign up for a full plate of classes next week. And don’t forget to invite your friends to the free intro class next Wednesday night at 7 PM. I’ll see you all tomorrow and Friday so you can go into the long weekend feeling ready for some rest.

Yes, it's dark outside, but the Rooster Crew hits it hard every morning at 5:30 AM.

Yes, it’s dark outside, but the Rooster Crew hits it hard every morning at 5:30 AM.

To keep you busy, here are a couple of articles for you to read and think on. In the first one, “Is Breakfast Overrated?”, the writer describes the results of a recent study on how eating breakfast or not eating breakfast affects weight loss. Have the leading edge researchers really not gotten the message that it is about food quality not meal timing? I’ll let you read it and make your own interpretation, but it is frustrating that we are still spending research dollars on meaningless studies that aren’t going to make anyone healthier.

The second article from yesterday’s New York TImes will no doubt be controversial, but it brings up and interesting point about the government’s outspoken stance against alcohol versus its tacit endorsement of junk food.  While the author is likely trying to justify some of his own actions, one statement resonated with me: “You don’t see the C.D.C. saying that people under 21 years of age “drink too much” if they consume a can of soda. But it should.” I’ll let you read the rest of the article for yourself.