Nutrition Month


Nutrition Month

5:30 AM crew...

5:30 AM crew…

Many of you have started thinking about how what you eat affects your performance in the gym, your body composition goals, and generally how you feel. And you are onto something big. Over the course of this month, our blog posts will ruminate on some nutrition topics that are near and dear to our hearts. The diet industry in this country is big business. Americans are looking for pills and potions to make losing fat, gaining muscle and improving performance feel effortless. Deep down inside though, we all know that is a fairy tale. Real change only comes from real work. There is no easy road or everyone would be healthy, strong, and lean. You all know this to be true; and that is why you show up bleary-eyed every morning regardless of when you went to bed or choose to come workout even after a long day at work when happy hour sounds so much more relaxing. 

And nutrition is no different. It is the hundred little decisions that you make every day. Bun or no bun on your burger? Fries or salad with your meal? Making changes in your nutrition strategy can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be a complete betrayal of everything that you love about food. My advice to those seeking help with nutrition is always to choose one thing that you can change without causing unnecessary brain damage or grief. If you start by giving up your favorite indulgence, you will likely fail. Choose something that you can live without, but that can yield big results (unless you drink soda, in which case you should quit immediately :)). Consider giving it up for a finite period of time. Even though the hope is that it becomes a permanent change, it’s easier to buy into a temporary pass than a permanent change. Then, decide on a reward for yourself once you achieve your goal.

In the next post, I’ll help you brainstorm some ideas for these incremental changes. For now, let it fester and start thinking about where your nutrition falls on the spectrum of quality and consistency. Stay tuned! (And quit drinking soda!)