Learning from Failure


Learning from Failure

Todays workout features front squats. Really heavy front squats. While heavy is a relative term, the idea today is for each one of you to find the outer limits of your abilities when it comes to this movement. The only way you truly know if you’ve reached your outer limit is when you venture beyond it and find you are in over your head. We call that “getting to failure”. It doesn’t mean you suck as a person; it just means that you found your outer limit for today. And that is exactly what we are going for today. Don’t be afraid to fail. You might surprise yourself with just how far you can go.

Many of you are endurance oriented athletes for whom heavy weights are uncomfortable territory to begin with. Let me challenge you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Resist the urge to skip the workout today because your buddy told you it was rough. Add another dimension to your training and let’s build some capacity to make you a better skier, biker, kayaker, climber, or runner.

Last night's starting line crew getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Last night’s starting line crew getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.