Find a New Rut


Find a New Rut

Summer is my favorite season. I love the sun and hot weather. I like the relaxed nature of the schedule with the kids out of school. I love more daylight and getting on a good sweat with a mountain bike ride or a run. At Catacombs, we believe in using the fitness you gain in the gym to make you better at your outdoor pursuits. If the summer sun has you spending more time in the mountains and rivers and less time in the gym, that’s cool. We get it. 

What isn’t cool is letting the relaxed routine and the dog days of summer make you less fit rather than more fit. You know, that cooler of beer after your trip down the river; or the inevitable happy hour nachos after a hike or ride. Again, those things all have their place, but it’s a slippery slope. So, if your schedule is changing with onset of summer or your kids getting out of school, make sure there is a place in that schedule for regular time with your people here at Catacombs. We will help you keep all that summer recreation in perspective and leave you a better rounded athlete for your efforts. Plan it into your schedule and make it happen. 

Go play outside...

Go play outside…