CrossFit Endurance at Catacombs


CrossFit Endurance at Catacombs

Mobility will be a BIG part of our CrossFit Endurance program. Above, Betty demonstrates how to "send your legs wide".

Mobility will be a BIG part of our CrossFit Endurance program. Above, Betty demonstrates how to “send your legs wide”.

I’m bursting with excitement to officially announce the launch of the Catacombs Endurance Team. We recently received our designation as an official CrossFit Endurance affiliate. For those of you with your eyes set on competing in endurance events, take note. CrossFit Endurance is a revolutionary training methodology that focuses on quality, high intensity training emphasizing power and speed. By eliminating unnecessary training volume, CFE protocols improve recovery time, reduce injury rates, and preserve lean tissue. We do this through increasing intensity and variability in workout and eliminating garbage miles of long-slow distance training. Every workout is designed to provide a specific and unique training stimulus thus allowing us to create a sustainable performance curve on less hours or miles of training.

Make no mistake. CrossFit Endurance is CrossFit. The high intensity, constantly varied movements of CrossFit are the foundation upon which CFE is built. For the Catacombs Endurance Team, the training protocols will skew from building general physical preparedness toward building power and speed for longer endurance efforts. We will still deadlift, clean and jerk, and front squat; because strong, well-balanced athletes perform better over the long haul than specialists. We will, however, gear those workouts to build capacity for longer efforts without sacrificing power and speed. In addition, the Catacombs Endurance Team will do supplemental sport-specific training in the form of running workouts.

The Catacombs Endurance Team will launch as a complete program this Fall, but we will start giving you a taste of CrossFit Endurance programming and workouts in July. Stay tuned for specifics on dates and times for these workouts. In the meantime, GET EXCITED!