What an amazing week so far and it’s only Wednesday! Not even three weeks into the Catacombs Fitness journey and the incredible improvement among our founding crew is indescribable. There are more examples than I can list, but here are few that are most certainly worth calling out from just yesterday alone.

  • Lauren broke through a frustrating pullup day and managed to put the pieces together during the workout to go unbroken for a couple of sets of five. 
  • L.J. fought the urge to round his back on heavy power cleans and finished a last round that was giving him serious doubt.
  • Darren ripped unassisted pullups in warmup, then figured out the kip about halfway through. It won’t be long before he’s kipping pullups all day long.
  • Kani demonstrated nearly textbook form on power cleans that were heavier than she wanted them to be.
  • Luke and Greg deadlifting serious weight this morning LIKE IT WAS THEIR JOB!
  • Rachel demonstrating what intensity looks like to the entire 6 AM crew.

Inspiring efforts all around and as always, a privilege to coach you. Keep up the awesome work and watch the magic happen.

Check out Kani's setup...that's a pretty flat back!

Check out Kani’s setup…that’s a pretty flat back!