Holiday Schedule, Holiday Party and More


Holiday Schedule, Holiday Party and More

We have lots of updates to share with you as we move into the full-fledged holiday season including changes to the schedule that kick in with the new year and a holiday social with your Catacombs family. It’s all in here, so read on for the full scoop. And, don’t forget the Nutrition Talk tonight at 6:30. Make sure you get your workout in at 5:30 today because 6:30 class is canceled for this event. Then, head over to the Smiley building to support the Winter Sports Foundation and check out the Warren Miller movie “No Turning Back”.

There will be LOTS of opportunities to get your workouts in over the next two weeks. We will run on a mostly regular schedule with a few less classes to allow us to maximize time with our families as well. There will be no classes on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. Go snowshoeing with your family and friends, throw some skis on, or build a snowman with the feet of snow we will hopefully have by then. Yes, I know that a lot of gyms do a big fitness push on New Year’s Day…but we believe in a long term commitment to health, not gimmicks to get people in the door. We will run the regular 5:30/6:30 AM workout on Dec 26th and Jan 2nd for those who have to go back to work and a big, family style workout at 8 AM on both Fridays as well. All of the changes will be updated in FDHQ (class sign-up) today so as long as you sign up, you will be good. If the class you want to come to is full, come anyway. We will relax the 10 person class limit for the holiday period ONLY and will be prepared to accommodate larger crowds. If you normally come to noon class, start working on your schedule now to get to a morning or evening workout as there will not be noon classes over the holiday period.

The main schedule change for January is a shift to 5 PM and 6 PM evening classes. These will all be run as regular WODs. Hopefully this works better for many of your schedules. These changes will go into effect the week of Dec. 29th. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns around this.

And finally, the Catacombs Family Holiday Social… This ain’t your office holiday party. If you are sticking around for the holidays, come socialize with your Catacombs Family on Tuesday, Dec. 23rd after the 5:30 PM class. Bring a drink to share and some good cheer. No need to wear ugly sweaters, bring white elephant gifts, or other such nonsense. It’s just a good time with good friends.