Back to Work!


Back to Work!

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and found much to be thankful for. Again, a big thanks to John for keeping things happening at Catacombs while our family was out of town. We have a lot to pack in before everyone gets distracted with the next holiday season. Let’s get some solid work in between now and the end of the year so that we can head into 2015 with some solid momentum. We are back to our regular schedule starting Monday morning. 

As promised, we will be retesting our strength benchmarks this week.  We will hit strict press on Monday, back squat on Tuesday and deadlift on Thursday.  There will be regular WODs everyday as well, but we will allow appropriate time to warm up and work up to a new 1-rep max in each class. If you miss one, no worries. You can make it up in open gym time on Saturday or our newly added open gym time on Tuesdays (see below). If you don’t have a notebook yet, get one. We will be launching an app to track workout progress in January, but don’t wait until then. Don’t be the guy or gal that has to raise their hand every time a coach asks “who doesn’t know their 1-rep max?”

As mentioned above, we are changing the Tuesday night 6:30 PM class to Open Gym hour. You can still do the WOD at that time, but the format will be open to other workouts as well. Or, you can do the WOD at 5:30 and stick around for extra lifting or skill work if you want more. The 6:30 PM time slot has had lots of openings as of late so we are just trying to gauge if Open Gym might work better at this time. Also, we are considering changing the evening times to 5 PM and 6 PM for 2015. Please let us know if that would work better or worse for those of you that are evening regulars.

I can’t wait to get back to training and coaching. See you all on Monday.