Buying In


Buying In

Most of you know that 20 of our athletes and coaches here at Catacombs are in the midst of a 30 day food challenge. The challenge consists of eating real foods and completely avoiding sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes. Around our house, we took the opportunity to help our kids do a reset on their sugar and grain consumption. It was also a good way to get some of that less than quality food out of the pantry. We’ve had a lot of conversations around our house about how what you eat affects how you feel and it seems like some of it has actually soaked in. Still, the initial excitement of a challenge began to wane this weekend and the frustration of not being able to have our usual gluten free pancakes on the weekend or cookies at a friend’s house started to emerge. It was time to get creative.

I started by getting my youngest involved in making an apple crisp. This version uses apples, butter, dates, and almonds, and cinnamon. While it does scream for a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, it’s still a pretty awesome treat without it. It took twice the time and triple the mess that it would have if I had made it myself, but she was invested in it so it was automatically going to be a hit.  


Later as we were packing lunches and the kids were grousing about snacks, Tom pulled out a plethora of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and coconut flakes. We gave the kids ziploc bags and the freedom to make their own bags of trail mix. Again, the mess was substantial, but the buy in was huge. I could have made the exact same mix for them and they would have turned their noses up at it. Instead, they happily headed off to school today with bags of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit for lunches and snacks to get them through school and after school activities. 

In other news, Friday Night Lights is this Friday! We will combine the 5:30 and 6:30 PM classes for one massive showdown. We will run in as many heats as necessary to accommodate everyone. Please sign up online if plan to come. If all the slots are filled, come anyway and we will get you in.